Selfridges mains Infrastructure refurbishment

Selfridges Eastern Riser Phase 2/E9,10,11. Mains Infrastructure Refurbishment

Electrical Project Value – £1.6million

E9/10/11 – Project overview

To install new electrical risers E9, 10 and 11 and to install composite switch boards to replace existing riser switch boards all in a live environment which required scheduled shut downs.


Mains alterations

Sub G

The existing Sub G switch panel has been altered to facilitate two new extension panels for both essential and non-essential. The essential service panel has been fed from the existing VLV generator incomer and has been converted to ACB out goer the non-essential side has been fed by a new extension panel connected to the existing sub G switch board. A new emergency light panel has been installed in the sub G switch room this has been connected to the existing ups unit in sub G. The emergency lighting switch panel feds via FP400 cables in the new emergency lighting pans in the new switch panels of E9, 10 and 11 riser panels. A new pos supply system has been installed in the sub-basement E10 switch room, this is supplied by a chloride ups unit located within the switch room this is fed from the main switch panel in sub G and supplies the new pos pans in the new riser panels in E9, 10 and 11 riser cupboards.

New composite switch panels have been installed into the new riser cupboards E9, 10 and 11 on the first, ground, lower-ground and sub-basement as per the drawings, these are fed from the new rising bus bars which have been extended down on risers E9, 10 and 11.

A new parallel supply has been installed to the non-essential E9 riser which has been connected into the existing riser on a center fed unit on the fourth floor this is now supplied from a switch located within sub G.


The existing riser panels have had their existing cabling jointed in the propriety marshaling boxes located adjacent to the existing riser panels. New FP 200 cabling has been installed from the new marshaling boxes to the new riser panels. All circuits have been migrated using the new FP200 cabling to the new riser panels the certification within this manual only covers new installation of mains and sub-mains distribution to the risers and riser panels and new FP200 cabling from the new riser panels to the new marshaling boxes. We have not certificated any further on the existing supplies as this did not form part of our contract.

Eastern Riser Phase 2 – Project Overview

To install new rising bus bars in newly formed risers, to replace risers G, H and J. These have been connected back to the substations via cables installed by others.

The riser’s now feed new riser panels via metered tap off units. The existing riser panels have been replaced with new Underwood’s panels, these panels have been replaced in the existing positions of the old panels and the existing circuits have been reconnected.

A periodic inspection has been carried out to each panel post installation.

The emergency lighting and POS cabling has been connected to the new panels via isolators in the new risers these cables were installed by others.