Woburn Golf Club – Extension & Refurbishment Works

Woburn Golf Club – Extension & Refurbishments Works

Electrical Project Value – £250,000.00

Project Overview


An existing 200 amp 3 phase supply has been adapted and relocated to the chef’s office to serve the main large items of equipment in the kitchen area. a new 80 amp 3 phase supply has been installed from the main intake to a new 8 way 3 phase board located in the chef’s office. The existing 100amp 3 phase supply has been adapted and a new 8way merlin board installed to serve the kitchen/servery areas.

The existing main in the toilet corridor has been replaced with a new 24way Merlin distribution board which serves the ground floor, bar, morning room and dining areas.

Woburn1  Woburn2

Small Power

New small power has been installed to the entire kitchen area, sited, sized and laid out to Carford’s kitchen design.

New small power has been installed to the morning room, bar, reception and dining areas which is fed from toilet corridor distribution board. All power is wired in twin and cpc cabling and all individual circuits are protected by an RCBO.


New lighting has been installed to the kitchen, bar, morning room, reception and dining areas complete with integral self-contained emergency lighting as per Cunnington Clarks design. All emergency lighting has local test facilities within the local switching.

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Fire Alarm

Fire alarm detection has been provided to the kitchen area, bar, morning room, dining areas and reception as per Cunnington Clarks design and connected to the new addressable fire alarm system which is located in the reception foyer. The existing zones which have not been altered under this contract have been picked up onto the addressable system by zone monitors located in an accessible part of the ceiling void.


New data/telephone structured cabling to specification cat6 has been installed as per Cunnington Clarks drawings. This has been cabled back to new server room position and the existing telephone system is patched into new server room via a 50 pair voice link as new telephone system has not yet been installed.